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Over the past 35 years, I have published more than 100 articles and countless book and music reviews in a wide range of journals and magazines from Nursing Times to The Guardian. (A list of publications to which I've contributed appears below. )


For many years my freelance journalism was a sideline to my main career working in mental health nursing, hence I specialised in writing highly readable, well-researched books and articles on nursing, health care and mental health. In 2019 I was awarded an Emerald Literati Award.

Since retiring from nursing I have written widely on topics ranging from world music to children's literature.  Nowadays, I'm a regular contributor to the music magazine Songlines.

Publications to which I've contributed

  • Acksherley! 

  • The British Journal of Wellbeing

  • The Guardian

  • The Journal of Primary Care Mental Health

  • The Journal of Public Mental Health

  • Mental Health Care

  • Mental Health Nursing

  • Mental Health Practice

  • The Mental Health Review

  • Mental Health Today

  • Nonsuch News

  • Nursing in Practice

  • Nursing Older People

  • Nursing Standard

  • Nursing Times

  • Primary Health Care

  • Progress in Neurology and Psychiatry

  • Resurgence

  • Shindig!

  • Songlines

  • Uncut


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